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Hawaii Homeowners Can Get a Vivint Smart Home For Convenience, Safety, and Savings

With more than one million customers across the United States and Canada, Vivint Smart Home is the leading provider smart home technology in North America. With industry-leading alarm response times, premium-quality hardware, and installation set-up by our Smart Home Pros, it's easy to see why so many homeowners rely on Vivint Smart Home for all of their security and home automation needs.

Interested in upgrading your Hawaii home, condo, or vacation property with a smart home system? Here's just a few of the amazing features of the Vivint Smart Home system:

  • Vivint Sky—The intelligence layer of our home automation system that links together all of your smart home devices into one seamless, simple-to-use interface
  • Three Control Channels—SkyControl, our in-house, wall-mounted control panel, any data-enabled mobile device, or even the optional in-home Amazon Echo voice control unit
  • Wireless architecture—No complicated remodeling needed
  • Smart Assistant—Sensors throughout your home detect what state your home is in like Home, Sleep, Away, or Vacation and self-adjusts the system to conserve energy

If you've been waiting for the perfect, all-inclusive smart home system to arrive in Hawaii, your wait is over.

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Vivint Smart Home gives you the protection you need for your Hawaii home

Having a home alarm system in Hawaii is no longer a luxury—it's a must for any homeowner who wants to keep their property and family safe and protected. The trouble with most alarm systems is the fact that they're anything but user-friendly; they require complicated installation that involves ugly wires running along your ceiling and arming and disarming these systems can be a real hassle, too. Worse yet, you need to rely solely on a monitoring company to tell you if your alarm has been activated, leaving you in the dark about what's happening at your home.

With an alarm system from Vivint Smart Home, you'll enjoy the control and security you crave, combined with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our in-house security team is monitoring your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever your alarm is tripped, you'll also receive an instant notification on your smartphone and you can even access 20-second video clips from your HD security cameras so you can see exactly what's happening—even if you're thousands of miles away. This dual-layer protection helps keep you and your family safe and secure.

And because the Vivint Smart Home system is fully customizable, you can choose the security devices that best suit your needs. The wettest parts of Hawaii can get up to 100 inches of rain a year. This amount of water can be detrimental to your home’s infrastructure. Vivint Smart Home wants to make sure your most important investment is protected from even the most unseen dangers. Our flood and freeze sensors can help you keep an eye on the hidden parts of your home and alert you when something is amiss.

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Vivint Smart Home gives you intelligent home automation that's simple to use

With Vivint Smart Home the word ‘smart’ isn’t just a buzzword. Our home automation systems are actually intelligent. Here are some examples of what we mean by that.

Over time, the Smart Assistant feature within the Vivint Sky app will begin to learn how you use your home; it gathers information about your habits and schedules, what temperature you prefer at particular times of the day, and which lights you like to turn on every evening. Smart Assistant will then begin to automatically adjust your thermostat to help you save money while you're away and enjoy a cool, comfortable house when you're at home. Because the average high temperature in Hawaii is above 80 degrees, Hawaii residents are always running their ACs to keep comfortable. With our Vivint Element Thermostat, you can stay comfortable but also save money on those high energy bills.

With the Vivint Smart Home system, you can even lock and unlock your doors, see and speak with visitors through the Vivint Doorbell Camera, and even turn on your coffee maker—all through your choice of a smartphone app, your in-house control panel, or the optional Amazon Echo in-home voice control unit. When you install a Vivint Smart Home system, you're never more than a few taps on your smartphone away from your Hawaii home.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Hawaii has never been easier

If you've been in the market for a smart home system for a while, chances are good that you already know most smart home device are costly, complicated to set up, and often have compatibility issues. Here at Vivint Smart Home, we've created a different kind of smart home system—one that's fun and easy to use, reliable, and most of all, incredibly affordable. Right now, you can have a Vivint Smart Home system with home automation and security devices and equipment installed in your Hawaii home.

Our team of Smart Home Pros will design, install, and program your Vivint Smart Home system for you, leaving you with a secure, simple, and seamless system that costs less than what you're spending every month on your smartphone service. So what are you waiting for? Say “Aloha” to Vivint and our smart home technology now to start living your relaxed and worry-free life.

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