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Reinvent Your Home with Vivint Smart Home Technology

Over one million homes in the United States depend on the smart home technology of Vivint Smart Home. Why do so many homeowners rely on Vivint? The reasons are nearly as varied as the homes themselves. Every home is unique and every homeowner is looking for different benefits. Smart homes offer plenty, including:

  • Energy savings and lower utility bills
  • 24 hour a day security and alarms
  • The convenience of always being connected to your home through your smart phone or tablet
  • An integrated environment that responds to your individual needs
  • These are just some of the reasons that homeowners choose smart home technology.

The reason why many homeowners in Plano, Texas choose Vivint to provide best-in-class smart home technology is that a Vivint smart home displays true intelligence. Controlled by a Vivint Sky platform that monitors and connects the various smart devices and sensors in your home, a Vivint smart home is an interconnected ecosystem that uses sensors, processing, and device communication to provide you with intelligent security and comfort. You can even use an Amazon Echo voice control system to give voice commands to your Vivint Sky platform. It is the technology of the future in your home today.

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Protect Your Home From Fire, Theft, and Intrusion with Vivint

The safety of your home and family are one of your top concerns and Vivint shares those concerns. That is why Vivint smart homes combine a variety of features and smart home systems to provide some of the best security possible in Plano, Texas.

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera — With this system you can see, hear, and record individuals that arrive at your door. Your smart home can use this camera to identify threats and automatically lock doors or initiate an alarm.
  • Smart Locks — Smart locks can be automatically locked or unlocked by the system at appropriate times (like late at night) or remotely activated through the Vivint Sky app on your smartphone or tablet. Smoke Detectors — These advanced detectors don't only detect smoke, but also detect increases in heat.
  • Door and Window Sensors — These sensors, which can be attached to internal or external doors and windows, will alert you and the central monitoring station when opened.
  • Further improving the safety of your home, when any of these systems initiate an alarm, an award-winning 24 hour monitoring team provides best-in-the-industry response time to the problem, whatever it is.

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Vivint Smart Home Creates an Intelligent Ecosystem That Supports the Entire Family

A Vivint smart home isn't just programmed. It is an intelligent, learning system that adapts to the users. After a short time, the system will learn the patterns of your family, locking doors when you are away, adjusting your HVAC system to conserve energy and provide a comfortable environment when you are home, and even starting your laundry so that the cycle will end just before you get home from work.

The real genius of a Vivint smart home, though, is its ability to respond differently to different people. Each Vivint Sky account can accommodate multiple users. Account administrators can even limit access for other users, like children, so they can't disable or circumvent certain features in the system.

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Upgrading a Vivint Smart Home is Cheaper Than You Might Imagine

If you want to upgrade to smart home technology, but you are worried about the cost of upgrading, Vivint is the smart home company for you. When you upgrade with Vivint, you get all of the starting equipment installed by a helpful and experienced professional, at absolutely no cost to you.

Professional installation doesn't just mean that someone will come to your home and plug in a few devices, either. It means that the installer will discuss your specific needs with you and work with you to design a customized smart home that is tailored to you. It also means that any existing components or third-party devices will be fully integrated into your smart home. And, finally, it means that installation will occur at a time that is most convenient to your schedule and least interferes with your daily activities.

All of these systems and smart devices are interconnected and controlled by the Vivint Sky platform, allowing you to easily adjust preferences or directly control specific devices from anywhere in your home. With the Vivint Sky app, you can even control your smart home remotely from just about anywhere in the world at just about any time of day.

If you are looking to upgrade your Plano, Texas home to a smart home, now is the time to contact Vivint Smart Home. The initial installation will be completely free and the monthly service fee is roughly the same as your monthly smartphone service. That is an unbeatable price for the best smart home technology in Plano.

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