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Longview, Texas homeowners turn to Vivint Smart Home for home security, automation, and energy savings

There are countless apps and smart devices available to help you turn your home into a smart home, but there is only one service that lets you do all this and control every connected device in your home from one place. Vivint Smart Home technology gives you the power of centralized control with Vivint Sky, while also making automation easier and providing you with energy savings at the same time. The primary reason that many people avoid security systems, or fail to fully enjoy modern smart home technology, is complexity. Many other security systems in use in Longview, Texas are too complex for all members of the family to use, leading some homeowners to avoid them altogether. While smart outlets for lights and Wifi controlled coffeemakers are nice, they aren't exactly capable of wiring into a fully integrated smart home.

Vivint Smart Home technology excels where other systems fail by providing you total control over all your connected devices to keep your home safe and save you money. Vivint Sky is the intelligence layer of the Vivint Smart Home system, offering you the ability to control all of the smart home components in your house in a networked communication ecosystem that is controlled from a single user interface. Vivint Sky operates in your home via a centralized, touchscreen control panel that gives you the power to control lights, garage doors, front door locks, and even motion sensors and HD cameras. That's not all, though. Vivint Sky is available as a mobile app for your Android and iOS devices and comes with the Smart Assistant feature to help your home adapt to your lifestyle and proactively make adjustments as it learns your behaviors.

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Major Features of Vivint Smart Home security

You can't always be home to keep an eye on your things, and if you have children in the home this might give you more anxiety than the average homeowner. With the help of Vivint Smart Home security, you can keep a watchful eye on your home and see your kids get home from school each day, even while you're still at the office or stuck in traffic.

Our outdoor cameras provide HD coverage of your home, capturing 20-second video clips when motion sensors are triggered. You can view these recorded clips at any time and even receive mobile notifications of activity so you know when the kids are home. Combined with our door and window sensors, you'll know the minute your kids get home from school and open the front door and you can verify they're home safe by viewing the HD camera footage.

Other benefits of our Vivint Smart Home security systems include 24/7/365 monitoring of:

  • Vivint Smoke Detectors—Photoelectric technology senses increases in heat inside your home while smoke detectors connected to Vivint Sky trigger a response from our monitoring team.
  • Vivint Motion Detectors—Infrared technology captures any nearby motions, even at night!
  • Vivint Door & Window Sensors—More than simply monitoring the front door, this system can detect when a child's bedroom window opens or the medicine cabinet is tampered with.

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Vivint Smart Home customers in Longview, Texas get an intelligent system

The saturation of smartphones and tablets in the global market means a lot of companies promote their services as "smart home" technology. However, at Vivint, we believe smart home implies actual intelligence and not just programmability. Vivint Home Security systems and technology combine sensing, processing, and wireless communication functions to create a complete security system that protects your home while saving you money.

Programmability is great, but it often limits you to the control of just one device at a time and often fails to adjust. Consider a programmable thermostat that many Texas residents probably already have in their home. You can set these thermostats to run the AC at a cooler level in the morning and evening hours, with a warmer level during the day when you're gone. But what about vacations? What about the weekends? Does your programmable thermostat have Wifi connectivity? Programmable is great, but it's not capable of learning and adjusting from mobile devices.

Vivint Smart Home systems allow you the controls to access your thermostat via the Vivint Sky app, whether you're on vacation or at work and forgot to adjust the temperatures. More importantly, our app provides a centralized, connected ecosystem from which you can also unlock your doors, view cameras, and arm your security system from anywhere. Additionally, voice commands are an option with the Amazon Echo device that allows for hands-free operation. Imagine how nice it would be to come home with your arms full of groceries and not have to fumble for the keys!

Most importantly, Vivint Alarm systems allow access for multiple users, so the entire family can access the app and adjust smart home controls. Custom rules allow for notification when certain users access the system and even limit the access of children to factors such as alarm settings.

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Now's the time to upgrade to Vivint Smart Home

Most homeowners assume that smart home technology is too expensive, especially when deployed in an all-encompassing system. Vivint believes your home's security and peace of mind shouldn’t cost a fortune. That's why we're making it easier than ever before to upgrade to Vivint Smart Home security systems. Contact us today and you'll enjoy all the following:

  • Free Equipment—We'll furnish the equipment you need up to $1,500 in home automation and home security devices at no cost to you.
  • Installation & Servicing Included—There's no additional cost for re-wiring, retrofitting, or integration of other devices and third-party products.
  • Full Connectivity & Integration—Vivint Smart Home Pros will take care of all the messy work for you so you can worry about the more important things.

With over one million customers, Vivint became North America's leading smart home security system service because we understand home automation and security needs to be tailored to every home and every circumstance. We'll do that, and we'll provide continuing service for about the same as you're already paying for your monthly smartphone service.

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