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If you are looking for that dream home you always imagined owning, smart home technology is the way to make that dream a reality. With smart home technology, your home will be more energy efficient, more secure, and more comfortable. As the leading smart home systems provider in the Frisco, Texas area, Vivint is constantly designing new innovations that allow homeowners to do all of the following:

  • Monitor appliances and alarm systems from remote locations
  • Regulate the energy use and efficiency of appliances in their home
  • Control their home with voice commands
  • Create family member specific profiles for different family members

These great benefits of owning a smart home in Frisco, Texas, are all due to the Vivint Sky platform. This platform is what more one million Vivint Smart Home customers use to interact with the systems that control their homes. Vivint Sky is what makes the smart home truly intelligent. By combining sensors and networked communication, it doesn't just implement programmed commands. Instead, Vivint Sky creates an environment where connected systems work harmoniously to provide increased security, individualized comfort, and greater overall convenience. It is an adaptive program that truly learns in order to provide increasingly better service.

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Exceptional Home Security

Vivint smart home security is easily one of the best home security options available in Frisco, Texas. What makes it so great are the same features that make owning a smart home great. It acts and reacts intelligently all while providing you with both information and control, even while you are away from your home.

Just like with every other feature of your smart home, Vivint Sky is the key to providing exceptional home security. The Vivint Sky system monitors and responds to potential threats by linking all of these installed systems:

  • Outdoor cameras, including doorbell cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Window and door sensors

With Vivint installed, your smart home monitors each of these input sources 24 hours a day. Access to live camera feeds on your Vivint Smart Home help you single out threats from visitors. When security layers are breached, an alarm sounds, notifications are sent to your phone and the Vivint SkyControl panel, and Vivint's in-house security monitoring team. With the industry-leading response times of Vivint's security monitoring staff, security camera footage and sensor logs, you and the team will be fully apprised of the threat within moments.

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Vivint Is The Most Intelligent Smart Home Technology in Frisco, Texas

A Vivint smart home is a system that offers you nearly unlimited options when it comes to controlling your home. Without a smart home, you have to manually program your heating, go to your kitchen to start your dishwasher,and walk around the entire house to lock every exterior window and door. However, with a Vivint smart home, you can do all of that and more while having your hair trimmed at the barber or waiting in the line at the grocery store. The Vivint Sky app gives you unfettered control of every smart device in your home no matter where you are. That means, if your car breaks down and you unexpectedly have to spend a night in a motel, you can turn on the lights in your home and turn down the heat, saving energy while keeping away intruders.

What this example demonstrates is just one of thousands of ways that a Vivint smart home can improve your life by offering remotely activated control systems. With a Vivint Sky app controlling your home, you can monitor and update smart devices at any time of day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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Vivint Makes It Easy to Upgrade to a Smart Home

Vivint understands that upgrading your Frisco, Texas home to a smart home is a very large endeavor. That is why Vivint actively removes some of the stress from that endeavor by making it as easy as possible. The main way upgrading is made easy is by providing professional installation of all of the necessary equipment absolutely free. This eases the process in the following ways:

  • Installation is performed by polite knowledgeable, skilled professionals
  • Third party devices can be integrated for you
  • Service is performed at your convenience without interrupting your schedule

The only cost to you is the monthly service charge which costs roughly the same as you spend every month on your smartphone service. That is just one of many reasons that Vivint is a leader in smart home technology.

If you are looking to upgrade your Frisco, Texas home to smart home technology, contact Vivint today. You will have an initial appointment scheduled immediately, during which you can discuss with a professional exactly what tailored services you need for your home. That is all it takes. Within days you will have fingertip, or maybe even voice control over almost every aspect of the security, comfort, and everyday activities of your home.

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