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As the leading smart home provider in North America, Vivint is taking Corpus Christi, Texas by storm. That’s because Vivint has built the most sophisticated smart home and home security system on the market from the ground up. The Vivint Smart Home system lets you stay in control of your home from wherever you are through the Vivint Sky app—the most downloaded and highest rated smart home app in The App Store.

Summers can get humid and hot in Corpus Christi, Texas, but running air conditioning constantly throughout the day can amount to a lot of sunk costs. Having a Vivint Smart Home means you can reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort. For example, you can use Vivint Element Thermostat to reduce home energy costs while optimizing comfort because your climate controls adapt to your daily routines. The Vivint Element thermostat learns your preferred settings and self-adjusts to optimize energy usage while you're away.

Have you ever left the house late for work only to realize all of the lights are on, and you forgot to close the back door? If you integrate Amazon Echo into your Vivint Smart Home system you can operate any home controls, from security to entertainment systems, when your hands are full, using natural language voice commands. Controlling all your home's electronic components has never been easier.

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Vivint is an intelligent smart home system that makes living in Corpus Christi, Texas a whole lot easier

Imagine a home that could adjust to your daily needs, a home that could let you know when a door or window is open, or when the mailman delivers a package. Imagine forgetting your keys, but being able to unlock your door from your smartphone. With a Vivint Smart Home system installed in your Corpus Christi home, all of this is possible. This level of control comes from having more than just a few gadgets with programmable presets. It requires an intelligent communication network that links all your household devices through a central control hub. The Vivint Sky platform does exactly that. On the Vivint Smart Home system, you can control thermostats, unlock doors, view cameras, and arm security from anywhere using the Vivint Sky Control panel or the Vivint Sky mobile app.

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Vivint lets you see everything that happens around your property

Since waves of smart devices have flooded the global market, the word 'smart' has turned into a meaningless buzzword. Because 'smart' has become such a catch-all phrase, manufacturers now promote garden-variety electronic devices in smart technology language. At Vivint, we haven't forgotten that the term 'smart' implies actual intelligence, not just programmability. For example, programmable thermostats have been around for decades. Most people understand how to preset thermostat temps for comfort during hours when they're typically home and for energy savings during hours they're typically out. But what about vacations? What about the weekends?

The Vivint Smart Home platform combines sensing, processing, and wireless communication functions—on top of the primary functions of the devices—in a central communication network that learns your preferred settings, and automatically adjusts to your routines without extra input from you. That way you get a smart home that keeps your property and loved ones protected while optimizing energy usage to reduce utility costs.

Vivint Smart Home systems allow you the controls to access your thermostat via the Vivint Sky app, whether you're on vacation and forget to adjust the temperatures or you're at work. Plus you can also unlock your doors, view cameras, and arm your security system from anywhere. Most importantly, Vivint alarm systems allow access for multiple users, so the entire family can access the app and adjust smart home controls. Custom rules allow for notification when certain users access the system and you can limit the access of certain users.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Corpus Christi, Texas is easier than ever

Contrary to popular assumptions, you don’t need to build a whole new house to get a full smart home system. Vivint Smart Home systems can be easily installed into existing homes. And it can be done for cheaper and easier than you might think. You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands out of pocket on high-end hardware because Vivint Smart Home furnishes all the equipment you need. Plus you won’t have to hire contractor for the installation because Vivint Smart Home Pros provide free professional installation. That means there’s no period where energy savings are offset by the initial setup costs. You start raking in the savings right off the bat. You also won't need to worry about:

Integrating incompatible third-party equipment Rewiring or retrofitting existing home components Installing a system the becomes outdated after a few years

Like most current computer software systems, the Vivint Smart Home platform gets frequent updates to keep existing hardware functioning properly while ensuring our system is always compatible with the latest and best technology available. Every household, whether it’s a professional couple or a growing family, comes with its own unique set of needs. Vivint Smart Home systems are tailored to meet those needs. Our great customer service, hassle-free installation, and convenient user interface allows you to focus on the things that matter the most. And you can have it all for about the same price as a monthly smartphone subscription.

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