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Making a Smart Home Can Be a DIY Job, but Security Should be Left to the Pros
"Don’t DIY your smart-home security system—the pros at Vivint are totally worth the cost."
Best Home Security Systems of 2019
"Best for a complete package of home security and automation."
6 Smart Home Gadgets You Have To Have When You Move In
"I've written about Vivint before and they are still one of my favorite ways to quickly and easily take a house from ‘completely disconnected’ to ‘totally wired’ in the space of a day."
How to Unlock Growth: Pay Down Technical Debt
"Accumulating technical debt is inevitable for any tech company facing time-to-market pressures and today’s expectations for delivering innovation. But it’s the CIO’s responsibility to create the right environment for their teams to pay it back. You may just find it’s your secret to unlocking growth."
See how easy it is to use Vivint Smart Hub in today's smart home
"The Vivint Smart Home system is one of our top choices for anyone who is looking for a professionally installed and monitored home security and automation system ... Its Smart Hub is the centerpiece of this security system and delivers the features that make it simple for you to not only operate a smart home — but keep it safe."
Will These Smart Home Gadgets Change Your Life? Try Them to Find Out
"Vivint's new Smart Hub control panel is easier to use, and lets you see a real-time video of someone ringing the doorbell. An app also lets you control the garage door openers, lights, and temp."
Vivint Smart Home System brings a new level of service and automation to secure your smart home
"After three months of testing the Vivint Smart Home system, we believe it's one of the premiere professionally installed and monitored home security and automation systems today."
Wounded Veteran Empowered and Empowers Through Technology, Community
"Fanning uses his mouth and homemade styluses for his phone and iPad in conjunction with a smart home provided by Vivint Smart Home. 'The technology definitely frees me up and gives me more independence,' he said."
Spoiled rotten: What it was like to have Vivint transform my home
"For people who want a smart home but don't want to go through buying individual pieces and putting them all together, there's a comfort here. It feels like someone is taking care of you, tucking you into bed with some warm milk and cookies."
Vivint smart home products are now all voice-enabled with Google Assistant
"Vivint has become the first smart home company to provide voice control to each and every new customer. Moreover, the company will be including two Google Home Mini devices with each smart home system purchased."
Vivint Made My Home Smarter and More Secure
"What I like: amazing products that work perfectly together; customer service and installation that is second to none; peace of mind in my home!”"
Why AI is So Brilliant and So Stupid
"AI needs training data to learn and improve. Jeremy Warren, CTO at Vivint Smart Home, said that if someone has mediocre models, processing performance, and machine learning experts, but the data is amazing, the end solution will be very good. Conversely, if they have the world's best models, processing performance, and machine learning experts but poor data, the result will not be good."
Why liberal arts degrees are valuable in tech
"In a technology-driven, increasingly digital world, you might think only those with STEM degrees, such as computer science, engineering, technology or mathematics, can succeed. That couldn’t be further from the truth."
NBA makes space for fans with autism spectrum disorder
"A 'sensory room' designed for children with autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual and developmental disabilities will open at Salt Lake City's Vivint Smart Home Arena, home of the Utah Jazz, on Friday. The new space is part of a partnership between Vivint Gives Back and the Jazz."
Utah arena adds ‘sensory room’ for kids with autism
"A new 'sensory room' for children with autism will soon be open at Vivint Smart Home Arena, home to the Utah Jazz and many other major entertainment events."