Smoke Detector

The fire protection you need. The peace of mind you want.

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Built-in wireless transmitter that communicates with Vivint SkyControl Panel

Battery powered and wireless

When smoke or excessive heat is detected, a local fire alarm sounds while the built-in transmitter sends a signal to SkyControl.

Designed to provide protection within a 35-foot radius of unit

Sends messages to SkyControl regarding tampering and battery condition

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5.6" ø x 2.4" h


345 MHz

Siren Level

85 dB


Screws and bracket


3 AAA batteries

Battery Life

5 years


1 year or the length of your Vivint Service agreement, whichever is longer

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Don’t wait for
smoke signals

Undetected fires can rip through a modern home in only a few minutes. Vivint Smart Home systems include Smoke Detectors equipped with photoelectric sensors to sound the alarm when increased heat or smoke get detected, so you’ll know about fire danger even before you smell the smoke.

Smoke Detector keeps working in power outages

Fire danger increases when power outages lead to burning candles and kerosene heaters and cooking on outdoor stoves inside. When you combine wireless Smoke Detectors with the backup battery of Vivint SkyControlTM Panel, your fire alarms keep working no matter what the weather does.

The tools to take action no matter where you are

If a fire breaks out while you're at work, you'll still be the first to know. Connecting your Smoke Detector to a complete smart home system provides not only an audible fire alarm but also notifications sent to Vivint SkyControl Panel and the Vivint Smart Home app on your phone.

How your smart home reacts to fire alarms

When there's nothing else to do but evacuate the family, having a connected smart home helps. Smoke alarms trigger your smart thermostat to cut off air flow to slow the spread of fire. And smart door locks will open automatically to clear your path to safety.

FireFighter connects wired smoke detectors to your smart home

Turn the hard-wired smoke detectors your home came with into another layer of monitored, smart home fire protection. FireFighter hears the smoke alarms from your interconnected smoke detectors and sends notifications to your SkyControl panel, your Vivint Smart Home app, and the Smart Home Monitoring SpecialistsTM who monitor your system.

Emergency help at the push of a button

Shave valuable time off emergency responses with professional security monitoring available 24/7/365. The emergency callout feature on Vivint SkyControl Panel opens an instant two-way-talk communication channel with Smart Home Monitoring SpecialistsTM who will assess your situation and dispatch firefighters while you evacuate your family.

Get professional installation done by Smart Home Pros

Smart Home Pros will install smoke detectors and the rest of your smart home products, then link them to a central control hub, Vivint SkyControlTM Panel, to create a seamless smart home experience.

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