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Prince Edward Island homeowners can now get convenience and security with Vivint Smart Home technology

If you aren't a very tech savvy individual, smart devices can seem a bit overwhelming. You've no doubt heard about the emerging selection of smart home technology systems you can use to increase money savings, boost security around your home, and generally enjoy a more convenient life in this fast-paced modern world. Well, with the help of Vivint Smart Home systems, you can enjoy all of the benefits of smart home technology without feeling overwhelmed in the process. Vivint Sky is your central access point for control over all of your home's alarm system features and convenience devices. Acting as the intelligence layer in our smart home systems, Vivint Sky enables a fully integrated smart home that can be controlled using the Vivint SkyControl panel, the Vivint Sky mobile app, and Amazon Echo voice control system.

Additionally, Vivint Sky comes with Smart Assistant. This proprietary feature of Vivint Sky enables your smart home to adapt to your lifestyle while proactively adjusting settings on your thermostat to keep you comfortable and ensuring that energy in your home is used more efficiently. As the most downloaded and top-rated smart home app on The App Store, Vivint Sky provides you with remote access to your home's alarm system from anywhere. You'll never have to worry if you forgot to close the garage door because you can do that from anywhere, as well as view live or recorded video from any of your Vivint cameras, talk to visitors at your front door, arm and disarm your system, and turn lights on and off—all courtesy of the Vivint Sky app.

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Better safety and security with Vivint Smart Home

Whether you're at home in bed, sitting at your desk in the office, or on a vacation away from one of those brutal Prince Edward Island winters, Vivint Smart Home alarm systems can ensure that your home remains safe and under the watchful eye of award-winning security monitoring teams. With all Vivint Smart Home systems, you'll enjoy the following features and benefits for enhanced security:

  • Outdoor Cameras that record HD video in 20-second clips so you can keep a close eye on your home and even view clips on your smartphone.
  • Motion detectors that capture all of the movement around your home, including 90-degree look down so nothing escapes our watchful eye!
  • Vivint Smoke Detectors that not only capture smoke in the home, but also register increases in heat inside the home with photoelectric detection technology.

Of course, all of this is monitored by our security teams 24/7/365. On top of that, you can receive push notifications on your smartphone so that you're in the loop when something is amiss at home.

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Make your Prince Edward Island home a more convenient place with Vivint

There's nothing worse than coming home to house that is bitter cold in the midst of a Canadian winter. With the help of Vivint Smart Home, you can leave those days behind you for good. Put cold days and sky-high utility bills behind you with our intelligent thermostats that are not only programmable using the Vivint Sky app on your mobile device, but are also intelligent. What does that mean?

Smart home systems have been around in the form of programmable thermostats and light timers for years. However, smart homes and intelligent homes can be separated into those which learn and those which do not. The Vivint Element Thermostat, for example, is programmable from your Vivint SkyControl panel or app, but what sets Vivint Element Thermostats apart is the ability to learn. As you make initial adjustments for a cooler home during the day and a warmer home at night during the winter months, Element learns these patterns and adjusts on its own. This ensures you not only come home to a warm, comfortable environment in the winters, but you'll also save money compared to periodically running the furnace throughout the day.

Other benefits to Vivint Smart Home systems include:

  • Vivint Playback: Enables continuous recording of your doorbell camera, security cameras, and your Vivint Ping Camera feeds. Stored video can be archived going back 30 days. Vivint Playback solves the problem of overburdening wireless networks with constant video uploads.
  • Multiple User Access: Vivint systems allow for multiple users to all be on the same account so the entire family can use the app to access smart home controls. Users can also create custom rules and notifications for each user and limit access so kids can't alter the settings.
  • Voice Controls: powered by Amazon Echo, all you have to do is ask Echo and your home can do things for you. Use your voice to turn lights and small appliances on and off, arm your system, lock doors, and adjust the thermostat.

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There's no better time to upgrade to Vivint Smart Home in Prince Edward Island

You can enjoy all of the benefits of a Vivint Smart Home system covered above, from the safety and security of remote door locks and smart doorbells to the convenience of voice control in your home, all with one simple phone call.

Not only is Vivint Smart Home the most intelligent system, but we are prepared to give you the best in smart home technology at the best price! Plus, we send our Smart Home Pros to your house directly to professionally install and setup your system at no additional cost. And best of all, the price you pay is about the same as what you pay for your monthly smartphone service!

Contact us today to learn how you can get professional installation and award-winning service from Vivint Smart Home!

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