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New Mexico homeowners can improve their security, efficiency, and convenience with Vivint Smart Home

Need a reliable, secure alarm system for your New Mexico home? Looking for ways to control your air conditioning costs? Want to spend less time dealing with your home and more time enjoying it? With a home automation system from Vivint Smart Home, you can enjoy the convenience that comes with the latest in home automation technology, the savings of a high-tech energy management system, and the security of a fully monitored alarm system—all in one simple-to-use, wireless package.

Over one million homeowners trust Vivint Smart Home to keep their homes safe, more efficient, and easier to live in. As the leading smart home provider in North America Vivint Smart Home delivers an advanced, next-generation package that blends the best in home automation and alarm hardware with industry-leading support and 24/7 security monitoring to provide you with an unbeatable combination of user-friendly features, support, and protection.

Here are just a few ways that a Vivint Smart Home system can make your life better:

  • You'll be able to lock and unlock your Vivint Smart Locks using your favorite mobile device
  • You can arm and disarm your fully monitored alarm system from anywhere, at any time
  • With Smart Assistant, you'll enjoy savings on your home heating and cooling bills
  • You can keep an eye on pets, kids, or even elderly parents

With Vivint Smart Home, you're always connected and in control of your New Mexico home.

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With advanced security features from Vivint Smart Home, you can protect what matters most

New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment and is full of charm and mystery and a sense of pride, but, unfortunately, there are many dangers for those living here. With some of the highest crime rates in the United States, a home alarm system is no longer an optional item—it's a must-have for homeowners in New Mexico who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property and family are protected 24/7.

With a Vivint Smart Home system, you don't need to choose between a do-it-yourself alarm and a fully monitored security system. Through the Vivint Sky mobile app, you can opt to receive real-time alerts whenever your alarm system is tripped and because the Vivint Security Monitoring Team is on duty around-the-clock, you can rest assured that your home is always protected.

Here are some of the impressive security features of a Vivint Smart Home system:

  • You can arm and disarm your system using your choice of the Vivint Sky mobile app, your in-home SkyControl panel, or an optional Amazon Echo voice command device
  • The HD motion-activated outdoor security cameras can be set to send real-time notifications to your smartphone whenever activity is detected
  • Vivint Smoke Detectors include photoelectric technology that senses sudden rises in temperature as well as smoke
  • Multiple Vivint Door and Window Sensors can be used to arm both interior and exterior doors—perfect for parents who are worried about young children accessing medicine cabinets or other hazardous areas

With a Vivint Smart Home security system, you'll enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing your biggest investment is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Vivint Smart Home adds intelligence to home automation

While most smart home systems require complex programming, we've designed our systems to be intuitive and intelligent by integrating Smart Assistant, the intelligence feature of the Vivint Sky platform. Smart Assistant continually monitors your home, collecting input from your user interface, in-home sensors, and user profiles. Over time, Smart Assistant will begin to adapt your home automation system to how you and your family actually use your home, adjusting your smart thermostat to optimize energy efficiency without compromising on your comfort.

It’s no mystery that New Mexico is a desert. In fact, it has the lowest water-to-land ratio of all fifty states! This brings with it extremely hot temperatures and extremely high energy bills. With the Vivint Element or Nest Learning Thermostats, your home can be more energy efficient and save you money on utilities, but maintain your preferred level of comfort. And if you've always wanted a way to provide limited access to your home for pet sitters, your kids, friends, or contractors, with Vivint Smart Home, you can! Simply set up multiple user accounts on your Vivint Sky app with customized rules and notifications for each user—it's perfect for busy households!

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Vivint Smart Home provides affordable home alarm and automation for New Mexico homeowners

Here at Vivint Smart Home, we believe that smart home technology should be easy to use and affordable.

That's right—Vivint Smart Home Pros will design, install, and program a home alarm and automation system for you, leaving you with a simple-to-use, straightforward home automation system that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

For around the same as what you're spending every month on your smartphone service, you could be enjoying the peace of mind and time-saving features that come with having your very own, fully monitored smart home system—now that’s enchanting!

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