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St Robert, Missouri homeowners can enjoy the best in smart home technology with Vivint Smart Home

Change the way you live by upgrading with a Vivint Smart Home System. Designed with a busy household in mind, Vivint's Smart Home Systems provide you with a simple way to cut down on your energy bills, enjoy around-the-clock security, and manage your home more efficiently. We are the leading smart home provider in North America, providing our top-of-the-line products and services to more than one million customers. Now, we're making our smart home systems available to the residents of St Robert, Missouri.

Maybe your home is equipped with programmable appliances and devices; does a smart home really offer more? Absolutely. A smart home goes far beyond basic programmability to bring you a system comprised of a combination of sensing, processing, and wireless communication abilities. Through Vivint Sky, our proprietary smart home platform, all of your smart home components are brought together into an interconnected web, allowing you to manage your entire system from one place.

  • Arm and disarm your system and control your lights, locks, and more from the Vivint SkyControl touch screen panel
  • Download the Vivint Sky app, which is free with your service plan agreement
  • Integrate Amazon Echo for hands-free control

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Cutting-edge security you can count on

You're busy; we get it. Between your work commutes, your children's extracurricular activities, errands, and enjoying all St Robert, Missouri's outdoor amenities, you spend a lot of time on the go. You need a simple way to monitor your home's security, even when you're not there, which is why Vivint makes it easy to manage your system from anywhere in the world. From your mobile device, you can view your camera feeds and receive text alerts if anything is amiss. In addition to the convenience of monitoring your home remotely, you also receive that 24/7 support of our in-house monitoring team. We provide industry-leading response times, ensuring that you have the help you need when you need it.

Unlike other companies that offer plastic products that are easily tampered with, Vivint brings you a full suite of high-quality home security components that are designed to provide optimal performance. Some of our products include:

  • Tamper-resistant door and window sensors; install the sensors to your home's ground level doors or windows, onto your child's window, or any cabinet or closet in the home where you want to monitor access
  • Smoke Alarm with photoelectric detection technology supported by our monitoring team, detects both smoke and elevations in temperature
  • Outdoor security camera provides an HD view of 20-second video clips, or 24-hour recording with an upgrade to Vivint Playback
  • Motion Detector with 90-degree look down lets nothing pass by undetected

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Control your smart home from anywhere in the world

As any local homeowner knows, St Robert, Missouri winters can be harsh. As the temperatures plummet, the energy bills go up, and many residents look for creative ways to cut down on heating bills. Many resort to turning their home's heat down during the day and walking into a cold home after a long day of work. Fortunately, Vivint has a better way. Our Nest and Vivint Element thermostats actually learn the rhythm of your household and use geo-locating technology to identify where you are, whether that's in your home, at work, or out of town. The thermostat changes the temperature of your home to an economical setting when you're out, and as you are driving closer, it raises back to your desired temperature. You enjoy lowered energy bills with sacrificing comfort.

Wondering what else your Vivint Smart Home offers? Here are a few products and services that are available:

  • Smart Locks, which allow you to control your home's accessibility from the in-home touch screen panel, the Vivint Sky app or through Amazon Echo
  • Garage Door Controller, which will send out an alert if you forget to close your garage before leaving the house
  • Vivint Ping Camera, which makes it easy to check in on kids and pets during the day

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Upgrading to a smart home is easier than ever with Vivint

Sure, a smart home would provide you with energy savings, outstanding security, and convenience, but can it really be a reality for your household? Many believe that it would be too expensive or complicated to upgrade their current home, especially if it's an older structure. However, thanks to Vivint's Smart Home Systems, upgrading is simple and affordable. Once you're ready to create your dream smart home, we will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your options. Your smart home will be custom designed for your household, so whether you're looking for lowered energy bills, an easy way to check on your pets when you're out of town, or you want to make sure that your child's window stays shut throughout the night, we can help.

You don't need to spend a fortune in one weekend to buy everything for a best-in-class smart home. With Vivint, you receive everything that you need--equipment for home automation and security devices. We will even send a certified Smart Home Pro to your property to install your system for free, so you'll never have to worry about trying to figure it out on your own. Our systems are available for an affordable monthly payment that is comparable to what most people pay for their smartphone each month.

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