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The latest smart home technology is now available to homeowners living in Richardson, Texas from Vivint Smart Home

Want to upgrade your Richardson, Texas home with remote-controlled door locks, wireless security cameras, and infrared motion detectors? Looking to cut your home energy costs? Need a simple, affordable alarm system that you can control from anywhere at any time? With Vivint Smart Home, you can enjoy the convenience you want combined with the security you need in an integrated, fully wireless system that's not just smart, it's intelligent.

Vivint Sky, Vivint's proprietary smart home system links together all of your wireless smart home devices into a single, easy-to-control user interface that you can access with any data-enabled mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

Wondering why more than one million homeowners across North America have already upgraded their home with a Vivint Smart Home system? Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Vivint uses only premium-quality devices and components to ensure reliable, hassle-free performance.
  • Vivint's team of Smart Home Pros provide free system installation and setup services.
  • Vivint's in-house security and smoke detector monitoring team respond to emergencies with industry-leading speed.
  • The Vivint system is fully compatible with Amazon Echo, providing our customers with the ability to control all their connected devices with the sound of their voice.
  • Vivint offers a wide range of devices, including HD cameras, Smart Locks, window and door sensors, and thermostats.

Imagine how much simpler your life would be with a smart home system from Vivint.

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Smart, simple security solutions in Richardson, Texas

If you're looking for a dependable, affordable alarm system for your Richardson, Texas home, you'll appreciate the advanced features and security options available through Vivint. Vivint makes it easy to keep an eye on your home, whether you're at work, on vacation, or in the backyard using the Vivint Sky app, which allows you to lock and unlock your doors, watch real-time feeds from up to four connected cameras, and even receive instant alerts when motion is detected by one of the 90-degree downward-facing sensors.<,/p>

While our security features are primarily designed to protect you, your family, and your home against intruders and thieves, many of our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to keep an eye on elderly parents or prevent young children from accessing medicine cabinets and storage areas.

And because all the wireless Vivint Window and Door Sensors, Cameras, and Monitors are connected in one centralized hub, it's easy to keep your entire home protected using a single, simple-to-use control panel or smart phone app.

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Next-generation alarm systems and home automation for all Richardson homeowners

One of most unique features of the Vivint Smart Home system is the fact that it's not just smart, it's truly intelligent, thanks to the Smart Assistant, a feature within the Vivint Sky app.

Smart Assistant uses sensors throughout your home to determine which state your home is in— Home, Sleep, Away, or Vacation. Using this data, along with specific details about your household, like the number of pets you have and what temperature you find most comfortable, Smart Assistant gradually adjusts your digital smart thermostat to optimize energy conservation in your home, helping you save money on your utility bills. With Vivint Smart Home, you can also see and speak with visitors at your front door with the Vivint Doorbell Camera. You can also remotely access your home for others with the Vivint Smart Locks that let you lock and unlock your doors from anywhere at any time using your in-home control panel or smart phone.

And if you'd like to add multiple users to your Vivint account, you can easily do that too, and you can even create customized rules and notifications for each user.

Vivint helps you live more, and manage less.

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Your affordable, customizable smart home system

If you've already researched smart home devices and alarm systems, you know that the up-front costs can run you thousands of dollars—and that's before you even activate any monitoring services, or pay for programming and installation. Here at Vivint, we believe that smart home technology should be accessible—that's why we'll install high-tech wireless cameras, monitors, and detectors in your Richardson, Texas home for free.

That's right—you can enjoy the amazing features offered with the Vivint Smart Home system in your home without paying for installation or programming. We'll customize a system to suit your unique needs and have our Vivint Smart Home Pros install and service it at no cost to you! For about the same as what you're probably spending every month on your smartphone service, you can enjoy the comfort, safety, and security that comes with having your very own intelligent smart home system. How amazing is that?!

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