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The latest smart home technology to Muleshoe, Texas homeowners comes from Smart Home

Have you ever been at work in the middle of summer and remembered that you forgot to turn up the thermostat or worried about whether you locked the back door? With a Vivint Smart Home, system you can take care of both of these tasks and more right from your smartphone.

Vivint is the leading provider of smart home systems in North America, with more than one million satisfied customers. Our fully-integrated system allows users to control their system via the Vivint SkyControl panel, the Vivint Sky mobile app and at home via Amazon's Echo voice control system. If you're thinking that only the ultra-rich can afford this type of technology, it's time to reconsider. Our systems cost about the same as you pay for your monthly cell phone service. We think that every home should be able to take advantage of the peace of mind and the many cost-saving, energy-saving and convenience features of a smart home system.

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Vivint Smart Home adds new dimensions to home security controls and alarm systems

Keeping your home and your family safe and secure is a concern all over the United States, even in a small town like Muleshoe. A Vivint Smart Home system makes it easy to keep an eye on your property, even when you're away at work, school or on vacation. Our customized features allow you to monitor those areas of your property that are most vulnerable. Just a few of the components you can add to your smart home system include:

  • Outdoor cameras — These HD cameras allow you to remotely monitor the critical points of your property right from your smartphone.
  • Motion detectors — Vivint motion detectors feature 90-degree look-downs, so intruders are never out of their field of vision. We use infrared technology so the detectors can "see" at night, too.
  • Door and window sensors — These state-of-the-art sensors send a message to your phone and to a monitoring station if a door or window is opened while you are away.

At Vivint, we feel strongly that every family should have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home--and the people you care about--are protected 24/7.

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Only Vivint Smart Home systems have next-level intelligence

While many people think of security first when they consider a smart home system, keeping your property secure and your family safe is just one of many reasons to invest in such a system.

  • Saving energy — By raising and lowering the temperature of your HVAC systems so that you're not heating and cooling your living spaces when you're not at home, you can dramatically reduce your family's carbon footprint and save money on your money utility bills, too.
  • Convenience — Being able to adjust your home systems right from your smart phone not only gives you peace of mind, but can save you having to do things like go downstairs to activate your alarm system at night or go to another room to adjust the thermostat.
  • Comfort — Your Vivint Smart Home system will make sure that your home is conditioned to the right temperature without wasting energy.

Keep in mind, too, that an intelligent or "smart" system is much different from a programmable system. Our Vivint Smart Home system uses intuition to get to know your family's routine and habits, so it can do things like make sure that the temperature is ideal when your kids arrive home from school (but not before), activate the security system when it's time for your family to retire, and turn on the lights when you're due home for work.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Muleshoe, Texas is easier than ever

You don't have to live in a brand new home to be able to take advantage of the many benefits of a VIvint Smart Home system. Virtually any Muleshoe, Texas home can be upgraded to a smart home at very little upfront cost. We give you the peace of mind, convenience and comfort of a smart home system for about what you pay for your mobile phone service each month.

When you choose a Vivint Smart Home system, we...

  • Furnish all of the equipment you need—up to a $1,500 value—at no upfront cost
  • Provide free, professional installation.
  • Tailor your system to meet the particular needs of your property and family

Haven't you waited too long already to put smart home technology to work for you and your family? The best smart home technology is available right here in Muleshoe, Texas without having to shell out thousands of dollars to get started.

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