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Morrisville, North Carolina residents can get the latest smart home technology from Vivint Smart Home

Every day, over a million Americans trust their comfort and security to a Vivint smart home. Over a million customers: that’s roughly the entire population of the state of Montana.

Here’s what those one million people are getting:

  • Lower energy bills because the Vivint Smart Assistant adjusts home temperature and utility usage to adapt to the schedule of the homeowners
  • The ability to operate appliances by voice using the integrated Amazon Home Echo voice recognition system
  • Home and property monitoring accessible directly from their smartphone or tablet through the Vivint Sky application

More than a million people trust Vivint systems to offer a more comfortable and secure lifestyle for their families. And why shouldn't they? A Vivint smart home isn't just some cool new gadget. It is an intelligent, interconnected system that combines sensors, smart systems, and electronic communication to create a personalized ecosystem for its owner. It is a system that adapts to its users in order to provide the highest levels of comfort, security, and energy efficiency. Over a million owners know this from experience and wouldn't want to live another day without it.

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Living Safe and Secure with a Vivint Smart Home

Morrisville, North Carolina is a safe, friendly community. But, no matter how safe your community, it always pays to provide your family with a little more protection. With a Vivint smart home providing security for your family, you will always be certain that your home and your family are safe from both fire and intruders.

Vivint provides security by effectively combining a variety of sensors with an alarm system that directly contacts a 24-hour monitoring team with the fastest response time in the business. Your home is protected from both fire and intruders with:

  • Door and window sensors - Detect entry and can even be installed on internal locations like medicine cabinets to protect children from harm
  • Outdoor cameras - Able to both record and provide real time footage
  • Smoke detectors - Also calibrated to detect heat build ups that have yet to produce smoke
  • Motion sensors - Perfect for detecting intruders, especially when combined with outdoor cameras

If an alarm is triggered by any of these sensors, your smart home will contact both you and the Vivint monitoring team, providing all available information. This helps you make smart decisions in case of emergency and helps the team respond appropriately, as well as quickly.

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Vivint Smart Homes Cater to Every Member of the Family

Few things are as comforting as coming home on a scorching hot summer day and walking into an air conditioned home. However, leaving your air conditioning running all day can result in a really high energy bill. Vivint is the system that allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Vivint learns your daily patterns and will turn your air conditioning on shortly before you get home, cooling your home while still saving you money.

That isn't even the best part. The best part is that a Vivint smart home can learn the habits of every family member. If your son uses the basement to workout on weekends and your daughter uses the basement to workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, your smart home will set the room to each of their preferred temperatures before the workouts begin.

The ability of your Vivint smart home to recognize multiple profiles and adapt to the preferences of multiple people is one of its most unique features and the reason that Vivint smart homes are so popular in Morrisville, North Carolina.

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Upgrading Your Morrisville Home to a Vivint Smart Home is Easy

As previously explained, a Vivint smart home makes your life easy in so many different ways. Is there any other way that Vivint could possibly make your life easier? Actually, there is one. Vivint makes upgrading to a smart home easy by offering installation completely free of charge.

You heard that right. When you upgrade to Vivint you get all of the following for free:

  • Professional installation that doesn't interrupt your schedule
  • Integration of all smart home features, including any 3rd party devices you already own

Monthly service fees for a Vivint Smart Home cost roughly the same as a smartphone contract—incredibly cheap considering all of the benefits you get. If that sounds like a deal that is too good to be true, then what are you waiting for? Sign up today for free installation of your Vivint smart home system and soon enough you will be living in a home that is more secure, more energy efficient, more comfortable, and that you can completely control from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet.

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