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Magnolia, Texas homeowners can get home security, home automation, and energy savings with Vivint Smart Home Systems

Looking to upgrade the alarm system in your home? Want to enjoy the latest in home automation technology? Need to find ways to cut heating and cooling costs in your Magnolia, Texas home? With a Vivint Smart Home System, you really can have your cake and eat it too. This innovative, intelligent home automation platform brings together premium quality hardware with a class-leading centralized control hub to provide you and your family with a home automation system that's fun to use and easy on your wallet.

At the heart of every Vivint system is Vivint Sky, the intelligence layer of the Vivint Smart Home platform. Vivint Sky links together all of your wireless smart home components into a secure communication ecosystem that you can control through a single user interface through your data-enabled smartphone, your in-home Vivint SkyControl panel, or even the power of your own voice by integrating Amazon Echo. Because Vivint believes the best smart home system is one that's hassle-free, Vivint's team of Smart Home Pros take care of all the installation and setup of your alarm and home automation devices for free.

So whether your priority is to make your home more secure, you'd like to simplify your daily life, or you just want to upgrade your home with the best technology on the market today, you'll love the convenience, peace-of-mind, and pleasure that a Vivint Smart Home System delivers.

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The Vivint Smart Home system gives you innovative, intelligent home security

Protecting your Magnolia, Texas home isn't just about keeping the bad guys out—it's about ensuring you and your family feel safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a Smart Home System from Vivint, you get to choose the security devices that make sense for your property, and you can monitor your devices around the clock through any internet-enabled device.

The Vivint HD Outdoor Cameras are perfect for the perimeter of your home since they are equipped with both infrared and motion-activation technology that makes it virtually impossible for intruders to evade detection, even in the dead of night. You can even choose to receive instant notifications on your smartphone if your security cameras are activated and you can access on-demand 20-second video clips that let you see exactly what's going on.

Another must-have device is the Vivint Smoke Detector. This wireless, networked smoke detector senses both smoke and heat to give you and your loved ones as much time as possible to react to an emergency in your home. And to ensure you're always protected, our award-winning monitoring team keeps an eye on your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can rest easy—we've got your back.

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Vivint Smart Home makes home automation in Magnolia, Texas more intelligent

If you've shopped around for smart home systems and stand-alone products, you'll already know this—most home automation devices are tough to program, and they rarely 'play well with others'. What that means is that you could easily spend thousands of dollars buying various smart home devices, only to discover that you'll then need to spend hours, or even days, trying to program these devices and figure out which ones are compatible with each other.

That is, of course, unless you choose a Vivint Smart Home System.

With Vivint, you'll never have to worry about whether or not your cameras, motion detectors, smart locks, and thermostat are compatible—everything simply works—really, really, well, because we've focused on developing a system that's not just smart, it's actually intelligent.

Over time, your Smart Assistant, a feature within the Vivint Sky app, will learn how you use your home and use this data along with real-time sensors to optimize the comfort and energy efficiency within your home. And when you add the optional Amazon Echo unit to your system, you'll be able to control your system with just the power of your own voice! This is perfect for those moments when you wish you had an extra set of hands!

Here are just a few of the amazing things you'll be able to do with your own Vivint Smart Home System:

  • Lock and unlock your doors through the Vivint Sky app when you choose Vivint Smart Locks
  • See and speak with callers at your door through the Vivint Doorbell
  • Camera—even when you're miles from home
  • Keep an eye on pets, kids, and elderly parents with real-time feeds from up to four Vivint Ping Cameras
  • Secure any door or window in your home with wireless sensors
  • Adjust the thermostat in your home from the comfort of your favorite recliner, your bed, or thousands of miles away
  • Add multiple users with customized profiles to your Vivint account
  • Relax, knowing that your home is protected by the best home alarm system available today

With a smart home system from Vivint, you can live more and manage less.

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Free installation and equipment

Ready to upgrade your Magnolia, Texas home to a smart home? It's easy and it's more affordable than you might think.

We'll install and program your smart home devices in your home for you! You won't need to worry about re-wiring your home, dealing with complex set-up procedures, or buying expensive alarm gear for your property. We customize a smart home system to your specific needs and we send our Vivint Smart Home Pros directly to your house to install and service it. Yes, that's all the state of the art smart home automation and security devices with professional installation for you!

If you've always wanted your own smart home system but didn't think you could justify the cost, your wait is finally over. Affordable, reliable home automation has arrived in Magnolia, Texas.

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