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Vivint gives you all the smart home features you want in Lubbock, Texas

Welcome to the smart solution. It's flexible, scalable and can be completely customized to suit your home. Assembled from the latest in connected, intelligent devices, Vivint Smart Home systems provide comprehensive solution that is convenient and makes it easy to keep tabs on what's going on in your house. Looking to save energy without sacrificing comfort? Used in many cutting-edge homes in Lubbock, Texas, Vivint Home systems can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs. The Vivint Smart Home platform allows you to connect and control your entire home through the Vivint Sky app—the most downloaded and highest rated smart home app in The App Store. Vivint Smart Home is here to help keep your Lubbock, Texas summers cool, and the winters warm, all while reducing your monthly energy bills.

The Vivint Smart Home system gives you on-the-go control, and most importantly, peace of mind. Plus when you sign up with Vivint you won’t be left wasting hours troubleshooting if components don't work. That’s because when you sign up for a Vivint service package, you get free professional installation and white-glove-level service included. Vivint Smart Home Pros service all equipment and system bugs because we believe smart homes should be hassle-free. Vivint Smart Home services also include industry-leading in-house monitoring teams.

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Congrats on having eyes in the front of your head. Now what about the back? Yeah, didn’t think so. Let Vivint help

Let’s say you get a new four-legged addition to your family and you don’t know how your new best friend will handle being home alone. Don't worry, with the Vivint Smart Home system you can monitor Fido with any of our surveillance cameras and security sensors through your smartphone whether you’re at work or just out running errands. You can even set up custom notifications when specific cameras are triggered, or you can set video feeds on a timer.

Managing a home and career in Lubbock can be both exciting and challenging. The Vivint Smart Home platform helps you stay ahead of the curve by simplifying your daily routines. You can integrate Amazon Echo into your Vivint Smart Home System to operate any home controls from security to entertainment systems, when your hands are full, using natural language voice commands. The Vivint Ping Cameras let you monitor your home remotely, at any hour of the day, thanks to infrared technology, and an easy-to-use app. It's also a great alternative for loved ones in the home to get in touch with you, as the Ping Camera also works as a two-way talk camera.

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Vivint is the most intelligent smart home and home security system in Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A

The Vivint Smart Home system is more than just a collection of trendy new gadgets. It's a fully-integrated communication network designed to be simple, intuitive and customizable. On the Vivint Smart Home system, you can access home controls including the ability to unlock doors, view cameras, control thermostats, and arm security from anywhere, all within the Vivint Sky App. Other security providers may tout multiple programmable options, but there is a distinct difference between a truly intelligent system, versus one that is simply programmable. A true smart home requires a centralized control hub that bundles all devices together in a connected ecosystem and will give you choices in how you can control your system.

The Vivint Smart Home solution offers a smart doorbell camera with two-way talk, night vision, 180-degree lens, HD resolution that integrates with the mobile app and control panel. The Vivint system also allows for multiple users to all be on the same account so the entire family can use the app to access smart home controls. You can also create custom rules and notifications for each user, and limit access so kids can't alter the settings.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Lubbock, Texas is easier than ever

While most new homes today get equipped with smart home technology, owners of many existing homes assume that a complete upgrade would be too expensive to do all at once. The truth is upgrading to a complete Vivint Smart Home package is more affordable than many people think. New Vivint Smart Home subscribers can get all the equipment needed for a best-in-class smart home. Plus, Vivint Smart Home Pros provide free professional installation so you can stay focused on your life not your household gadgets. That means:

  • No need to hire expensive electrical contractors
  • No retrofitting of existing home components
  • Hassle-free installation and convenient installation times

You will be able to get your own customized smart home right in Lubbock, Texas. Each Vivint Smart Home system is tailored to the user’s unique needs . And monthly subscription fees are very affordable—about the same price as a monthly smartphone contract.

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