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Protect your home and save on energy costs in Killeen, Texas

The Vivint Smart Home empowers you to connect and control all of the electronic, lighting, and heating/cooling devices in your home. With internet-connected alarm systems, door locks, lights, sensors, doorbells, cameras, and garage door openers, this smart home makes it easy to coordinate the goings-on in your house with ease. Most importantly, the Vivint Smart Home gives you're the peace of mind that comes from having home security with the company's high-quality cameras and the industry-leading response times from the in-house monitoring team.

You don't have to worry about trying to manage all your devices at separate app either. The Vivint Sky App places the controls of your entire smart home in your hands through the one intuitive user interface. It's the most downloaded and highest rated smart home app on The App Store. Also, you don't have to waste many hours trying to troubleshoot the app or the devices it controls. Vivint includes free professional installation and white glove service in the package. Vivint Smart Home Pros believe smart homes should be worry-free, so they service all equipment at your convenience.

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The Benefits of the Vivint Smart Home

Your lifestyle should get an upgrade with the Vivint Smart Home. It is designed to be intuitive and help make things better and easier for you. Its numerous benefits can help elevate aspects of your life you probably haven't considered. For example, imagine that you go on a vacation, but you can still manage your home even if you're thousands of miles away from your home in Killeen. You can utilize the Vivint Doorbell Camera and Vivint Smart Locks to see who stops by your house while you're out of town. It also enables you to communicate with visitors and let them in the front door or the garage door if you so desire. You can even communicate with postal workers and delivery people about where to leave mail and packages when they visit while you're away.

With former residents that include Elvis Presley and Burt Reynolds, there are many reasons to love about Killeen. The scorching hot summers is not among them! You don't have to pick between burning up when you walk in the door after work or paying for air conditioning that you won't be there to enjoy all day. When you have the Nest Learning Thermostat or the Vivint Echo Thermostat, you can use climate controls that adjust to your lifestyle and routine. The system learns how to best keep your home cool while saving on money and energy while you're away.

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Vivint Offers the Most Intelligent Smart Home in Killeen

The Vivint Smart Home is the most accessible, high-quality smart home and security provider available in Killeen, Texas, and elsewhere in the country. It accomplishes this through the true intelligence of its design and implementation. While programmability allows a user to set electronics to do certain functions, the Vivint Smart Home offers intelligence instead. The intelligent and intuitive design of this home combines processing, sensing, and wireless communication to make all the interconnected devices operate in complementary ways.

This truly smart home offers you a centralized control hub where you take command through a choice of the control panel, Vivint's mobile app, or voice commands with an integrated Amazon Echo device. When you easily upgrade to Vivint Playback, you can have the peace of mind that comes from having a continuous recording of the feeds from your home's security cameras, doorbell camera, and Vivint Ping camera. Plus you can access that stored footage for up to 30 days. You won't have to burden your wireless network with constant video uploads but can still know that you can get the footage that you need when you need it.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Killeen is Easier Than Ever

The best smart home technology is yours to have, and you won't need a loan to enjoy it! Some people fear that upgrading their house with a complete smart home system is out of reach. However, the truth of the matter is that Vivint can easily turn any home in Killeen, Texas, into a smart home for a monthly payment that can fit into nearly any budget. You don't have to worry about some big balloon payment for installation. Vivint has that covered for you by providing all the equipment you need—a whopping $1,500 value—with no initial costs.

A fully connected and integrated smart home package can seamlessly upgrade your lifestyle. And you won't have to worry about integrating third-party devices later one. Vivint Smart Home Pros can take care of that for you as well. So you'll stay free to focus on your life while we do the work of managing your smart home. The home automation and top notch home security systems are tailored for your unique Killeen home, and the monthly service costs are comparable to what most people pay for a smartphone each month. The smart house offers peace of mind and security for that reasonable rate. What's not to love? The home of the future has come to Killeen, Texas.

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