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Vivint Smart Home brings new levels of convenience to Katy, Texas homeowners

Want a reliable, easy-to-use alarm system for your Katy, Texas home? Looking for ways to reduce your energy bills without upgrading your HVAC system? Need a way to keep an eye on your property when you're not at home? Thanks to Vivint Smart Home, you can do all that and so much more.

With over one million customers and counting, Vivint is the most trusted provider of next-generation smart home devices and services in North America. We're helping homeowners like you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a wireless, fully integrated home automation and security system that can be controlled with any data-enabled mobile device from anywhere in the world!

Vivint Smart Home combines high-quality wireless hardware like HD Infrared cameras, heat and smoke detectors, smart locks, and garage door controls with Vivint Sky—an intuitive, customizable mobile app—to create an industry-leading, award-winning solution that puts you in control of your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike other smart home providers, Vivint Smart Home, eliminates the need to spend thousands upgrading your home control equipment. And installation and programming get taken care of for you as well. We've worked hard to create an affordable, accessible home alarm and automation system that's focused on making your life simpler. Isn't about time you upgraded your life with a smart home system?

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Reliable, Intelligent Security For Your Katy, Texas Home

If you've ever had a knock at your door when you weren't expecting a visitor, worried if you remembered to close the garage, or worried about whether or not your loved ones made it home safe, you'll appreciate the advanced, intelligent security features of the Vivint Smart Home system. With the Vivint Sky mobile app and our high-definition doorbell camera, you can actually see and speak with people at your front door even if you aren't at home. This innovative security device includes motion detection and night vision, so you'll never again need to open your door to see who's on the other side. It's like visual caller ID for your home!

When you pair a Vivint doorbell camera with a Smart Lock, you can actually lock and unlock your door with just a few quick taps on your phone or the Vivint control panel. It's the perfect solution for anyone who needs to provide kids, family members, friends, or contractors with access to their home on demand. The Vivint outdoor security cameras are another valuable part of the Vivint smart home system. These HD infrared cameras include a motion sensor; when activated, you'll receive an instant alert on your mobile phone along with a real-time video feed from your home, giving you the information you need to respond to an emergency in your Katy, Texas home.

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Your Intelligent Smart Home Solution

If you'd like to cut your air conditioning costs during the long, sweltering summers in Katy, Texas, but you don't want to come home to a sticky, hot house every day, you'll love the fact that with the Vivint Sky app, you can turn on your A/C before you leave work, ensuring that your home will be comfortable when you arrive. And not only does Vivint help you enjoy a comfortable home, with Vivint Smart Assistant, a feature of the Vivint Sky app, the system adjusts your smart thermostat to how you use your home.

Over time, the Smart Assistant will learn which state your home is in whether you are home, and/or asleep, away, or on vacation using input from motion sensors and information you provide, and automatically set the temperature in your home to optimize energy efficiency and comfort. If you're worried about who has control of your smart home system, you'll love the fact that with Vivint, you can create multiple user accounts, setting unique notifications and rules for each user. You can also integrate Vivint Smart Home with the Amazon Echo to enjoy the ultimate in smart home convenience—voice control over your connected devices. Imagine being able to turn your lights on and off, lock and unlock your doors, or even choose your favorite playlist—now that's intelligent!

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Free Installation & Hardware

At Vivint Smart Home, we believe in making our innovative smart home system easy to use and accessible. That's why we'll install equipment for free! That's right—with Vivint, you won't have to invest your hard-earned cash into hardware or pay for installation services. Our professional installers will design a customized smart home solution for you, install all the equipment you need, and leave you with a simple, reliable alarm and home automation system that you can control from anywhere, at any time.

For about the same as what you're spending right now on your cell phone service, you could enjoy the latest in smart home technology in your Katy, Texas home—now that's smart!

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