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Vivint Smart Home: Leading the Home Security Industry in Houston, Texas

Your home is your castle, but you can't always be home to watch over it. Vivint Smart Home technology and security systems make it easier than ever before to not only provide your family with a sense of safety but also help control the costs of homeownership. Any smart home provider can promise you energy savings, peace of mind, and the convenience of mobile connectivity, but only Vivint Smart Home security systems offer you all of these benefits in a really amazing product that is superior to the cheap plastic stuff you'll get from other companies.

With Vivint, there's no need to fret over components that don't integrate properly or system errors during installation. Our Vivint Smart Home Pros provide service on all equipment and fixes for system bugs because we believe smart homes should be hassle-free. Best of all, we provide industry-leading response times from our in-house monitoring service to provide you with true peace of mind.

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Benefits of Vivint Smart Home Technology

As a resident of Houston, Texas, the heat and humidity of summer can not only wear you down physically but also drain your wallet as your air conditioner struggles to keep up. Vivint Smart Home technology isn't just about providing an alarm system for your home, it can also help you save on your utility bills in the summer months.

Right now the average Houston, Texas resident has two options when it comes to coping with summer's heat and humidity: leave the AC on all day or come home to a sauna. With the help of Vivint Smart Home security systems, you get both comfort and lower utility bills. Using our top-rated app, Vivint Sky, you can control the thermostat settings in your home whether you're lying in bed at night or sitting in the office.

The Vivint Sky app works with our Vivint Element Thermostat to help you reduce home energy costs while optimizing your comfort level. The built-in climate controls adapt to your daily routines, which saves money during those muggy Houston summers by cooling the house in the morning before letting it warm up during the day. The learning nature of Vivint Element Thermostats means it will automatically start to cool your home in the afternoon before you get home from work.

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Vivint is THE Intelligent Smart Home System for Houston, Texas

The saturation of smartphones and tablets in the global market means a lot of companies promote their services as "smart home" technology. At Vivint, we believe smart home implies actual intelligence and not just programmability. Vivint Home Security alarm systems and technology combine sensing, processing, and wireless communication functions to create a complete security system that protects your home while saving you money.

Programmability is great, but it often limits you to the control of just one device at a time and often fails to adjust. Consider a programmable thermostat that many Houston residents probably already have in their home. You can set these thermostats to run the AC at a cooler level in the morning and evening hours, with a warmer level during the day when you're gone. But what about vacations? What about the weekends? Does your programmable thermostat have WiFi connectivity? Programmable is great, but it's not capable of learning and adjusting from mobile devices.

Vivint Smart Home systems allow you the controls to access your thermostat via the Vivint Sky app, whether you're on vacation and forget to adjust the temperatures or you're at work. More importantly, though, our app provides a centralized, connected ecosystem from which you can also unlock your doors, view cameras, and arm your security system from anywhere. Additionally, voice commands allow for hands-free operation. Imagine how nice it would be to come home with your arms full of groceries and not have to fumble for the keys!

Most importantly, Vivint alarm systems allow access for multiple users, so the entire family can access the app and adjust smart home controls. Custom rules allow for notification when certain users access the system and even limit the access of children to factors such as alarm settings

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Vivint Smart Home Upgrades are Now Easier than Ever in Houston, Texas

The smart home may be mainstream in homes of the future, but that doesn't mean it's unaffordable for existing homes today. Upgrading to Vivint Smart Home systems is now simpler and easier to do than ever before for Houston residents. With one call to Vivint, we can furnish all of the equipment needed to transform your home into a 21st century smart home without any upfront cost for devices; that's a $1,500 value!

Our Vivint Smart Home Pros provide you with full installation and integration of your smart home package, with servicing of all equipment available at no additional cost. That means no hassle of rewiring or retrofitting your existing home components. And integration of third-party devices into the Vivint system is also totally doable.

You'll enjoy a complete smart home system from Vivint, with no additional costs, for about the same as you currently pay for your smartphone. It's that easy and affordable to transform your home with a Vivint Smart Home security system today!

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