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Optimize your home's energy efficiency, monitor your property and enjoy access to a 24/7 security monitoring team with the Vivint Smart Home system. As the nation's leading smart home provider, Vivint Smart Home is trusted by more than 500,000 customers. Now, residents of Fayetteville North Carolina can enjoy all of the benefits and features of this cutting edge technology.

With Vivint Smart Home systems, you can take full control of your home with the unique Vivint Sky platform. While you may have a few appliances and devices in your home that can be programmed, our smart home system goes far beyond basic programmability to provide the utmost in energy efficiency, security and convenience. Unlike other home security systems that require you to manage your settings onsite and at your mounted panel, the Vivint Sky platform offers unrivaled intelligence. It features Smart Assistant, which allows your smart home to learn and adapt to your lifestyle, proactively adjusting your thermostat to keep your comfortable while maximizing your home's energy efficiency. Your smart home can be managed through your touch-screen panel, by integrating Amazon Echo or through our easy-to-use mobile app.

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Home Security with Vivint Smart Home

Fayetteville North Carolina is home to many beautiful historic residences, some dating as far back as the mid-1800's. Old homes offer unique charm, but residents are often left to worry about outdated electrical work. Traditional smoke detectors, which are a mainstay in nearly every home, only send out an alarm if they detect smoke, meaning smoldering flames that burn behind your walls can go for hours before detection. The Vivint smoke detector uses photoelectric detection technology, alerting you not only to the presence of smoke but also to increasing temperatures as well.

With Vivint Smart Home, you get outstanding security and access to an in-house monitoring team with industry-leading response times. Unlike other security providers who offer flimsy plastic products, our security equipment is built to stand the test of time. Enjoy peace of mind around the clock, whether you're in bed, at the office or out of town.

In addition to our state-of-the-art smoke detector, we offer a full suite of home security products, including:

  • Outdoor HD security cameras, which offer infrared technology and provide on-demand access to 20-second video clips; you'll be sent an alert if movement is detected while your system is armed
  • A motion detector with a 90-degree look-down, so no intruder goes undetected
  • Door and window sensors, for monitoring your home's entry points, keeping a close eye on your medicine cabinet or ensuring that your child's room is secure

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Vivint Smart Home Features

With Vivint Smart Home, you get more than top-grade security; you also gain the ability to manage your household from just about anywhere. Your smart home makes it easier than ever to maximize your home's energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Maybe you've programmed your thermostat to adjust your home's temperature each night, you program your oven to preheat before you come home from work or you set your outdoor lights on a timer. Those features have been the standard for decades, but today's smart home technology makes basic programmability obsolete.

True smart home technology goes far beyond basic programmability. It unifies home controls through a centralized hub, allowing you to conveniently manage them from one place. Vivint Smart Home is intelligent and intuitive, actually learning the rhythm of your household and automatically adjusting accordingly. In other words, even in the middle of a hot Fayetteville, North Carolina summer, you can come home to a cool house without having run your central air at full force all day. With your Vivint Smart Home system, you have the option of managing your setting via the touchscreen panel, through Amazon Echo or through our convenient mobile app. The Vivint Sky app allows you to adjust your thermostat, unlock doors, open your garage door, view your surveillance cameras and arm your security system, all with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Fayetteville North Carolina Is Easier than Ever

With all of the smart home technology available, it's easy to see how newly constructed homes can have these features integrated into their building plan. However, even the historic homes of Fayetteville North Carolina can be converted to a smart home. If you think that transforming your home is too cumbersome a task, then consider this: we believe that a smart home should be hassle-free, which is why we take care of the installation and setup ourselves at no extra cost. We provide everything you need to upgrade your home. We will customize your smart home features to fit your household's needs, providing outstanding support and security from the start.

Still wondering if one of our smart home systems is affordable? For most people, a Vivint Smart Home system costs about what they pay for their smartphone each month. How's that for affordable?

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