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Vivint Smart Home improves comfort for your entire family

Everything is smart today. You can talk to your dear aunt Petunia on your smartphone while driving to work in your smart car. If you live in Evansville, Indiana, now you can take advantage of the best in smart technology by upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home. Smart homes, similar to other smart devices, exist primarily to make your life more efficient and comfortable. A smart home optimizes your living space so that you spend less money on monthly utilities, less time performing household chores, and less effort to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Everything that is true about the average smart home is true about a Vivint Smart Home, but a Vivint Smart Home is much better than average. Controlled by the Vivint Sky platform, a Vivint Smart Home truly lives up to the word "smart" in its name. Between facilitating communication between all smart devices and systems in your home and a Smart Assistant feature that can adapt to multiple profiles, the Vivint Sky platform learns the routines of you and your family and creates an ideal environment for every single family member. The centralized platform is intuitive and easy to use; accessible both physically and remotely via smartphone and tablet applications.

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Protect Against home intruders with a Vivint Smart Home

Not only does a Vivint Smart Home create a comfortable environment for every member of your family, it also creates a safe environment. With the Vivint Security System protecting your home, you can be certain that your home will never be among the crime statistics of Evansville, Indiana.

Vivint protects your home with a wide variety of interconnected smart devices:

  • Outdoor Cameras: These high definition security cameras have infrared technology built-in and can both provide live feeds and record video.
  • Motion Sensors: Also sporting infrared technology, Vivint Motion Detectors cover a wide arc to provide top of the line protection.
  • Window and Door Sensors: The final line of defense, these sensors send out an alert if a window or door is opened.

Fully connected to your Vivint Sky platform, these sensing devices will identify intruders well before they have broken into your home. When a threat is identified, both you and a world-class 24-hour monitoring team receive an alarm. Included with the alarm is up-to-the-second video and tracking information of where the intruder is and what they are doing. This ensures that the monitoring team can provide the best possible response and that you can optimally protect your family.

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Save Time and money with a Vivint Smart Home in Evansville, Indiana

In many ways, a Vivint Smart Home is an investment that pays dividends in the form of time and money. With a Vivint Smart Home, you can save more time than you could ever imagine due to the Vivint Sky application. This application allows you to monitor and even activate smart devices in your home from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the thermostat, monitor your door camera, open your garage door, turn on the dishwasher, turn off lights, or even program your DVR. By allowing you to do this while sitting on the bus or while standing in line at the grocery store, you can save dozens of hours every year.

As for money, most smart homeowners see their utility bills plummet. Because Vivint Smart Home learns your routine, it is able to turn off air conditioning and heating while you are out of the home, saving you money, even while turning them back on shortly before you return to make your home comfortable. Your smart home is equally efficient with all other forms of energy usage, resulting in utility bill savings that could potentially be higher than your monthly service fee for Vivint.

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Upgrade Today With No Introductory Fee

For a monthly service fee that is roughly the same as your monthly smartphone bill, you will receive 24-hour uninterrupted service from Vivint that improves your comfort, security, and energy savings.

Vivint is so confident of the quality of its service that it provides all of the following free of charge:

  • Professional installation at a time of your convenience by Smart Home Pros
  • Automation and security systems tailored to your needs
  • Complete integration of all devices without needing to retrofit or rewire your home

If the comfort and security of your family are important to you and you would also like to enjoy lower utility costs for your Evansville, Indiana home, contact Vivint today to schedule an appointment for a free upgrade. In just a short time you will have a Vivint Smart Home that is customized to the needs of you and your family.

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