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It's easy for Cary, North Carolina homeowners to get a top of the line, Vivint Smart Home

Even in a city as safe as Cary, NC, home security is still important. There is no reason that you should settle for a simple alarm system, though. With a Vivint Smart Home system, you can have unparalleled security, for your home and family, while saving money on your electric bills and living in a home that anticipates how you live, to make sure your life is always as comfortable as possible. With More than a million customers in North America, Vivint Smart Home is the leader in home security and automation. The Vivint system offers:

  • Top of the line components that are far superior to what you find on the consumer market
  • Completely hassle free installation and setup by professional installers
  • Absolute feeling of security due to the industry leading response times of Vivint's in-house monitoring teams
  • Total convenience from the Vivint Sky platform

With the Vivint Sky platform, you can monitor and have complete control of you Cary, North Carolina home, no matter where you are in the world. A simple-to-use mobile app, it puts all the capabilities of the Vivint Smart Home system in the palm of your hand. And, as if that weren't enough, with the addition of an Amazon Echo Voice Control System, you just speak and your home responds to your commands.

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Fire, Theft, Intrusion Your North Carolina Home is protected with A Vivint Security System Package

Cary, North Carolina may be "The Safest Town in America" but ratings like those make nice neighborhoods seem like soft targets to the wrong crowd. This idea can be a little scary when you are at home, but when you're away the last thing you need to be worried about is the safety and security of your home. With a Vivint Smart Home Security System, you can rest easy knowing that no matter the circumstance you are in control of your own security. Just a few of the many options that you can choose from are:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras—Vivint cameras allow you to monitor your home both indoors and out, notify you when they detect motion, allow you instant playback, and are infrared meaning low light doesn't affect them.
  • Motion Detector—Vivint motion detectors feature a 90° look-down, ensuring intruders cannot pass by unnoticed.
  • Smoke Detector—Equipped with photoelectric detection technology they can sense increases in the heat before there is any smoke in the air.
  • Door & Window Sensor—Know as soon as any sensor equipped door or window in your home is opened. Can even be used on medicine cabinets and teenager's bedroom windows.

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Vivint is the most intelligent, smart home system in Cary, NC

Located in the Piedmont region, Cary has some of the most dramatic weather shifts in the country. In the winter cold winds and snow flow down out of the mountains and in the summer the heat and humidity from the coast cover you like a wet quilt. With an Intelligent Smart Home System from Vivint, you can live comfortable year around without Piedmont Power and Light picking your pocket each month.

In just a short time the Vivint Smart Home system will learn your habits and schedules and adjust your home's heating and cooling system to maximize both your energy savings and comfort. No simple programmable thermostat does that. The Vivint Smart Home System is almost like having a live-in maid, but you don't have to write it a paycheck and it will never take a day, off.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Cary, North Carolina is easier than ever

For years, smart homes have been fodder for science fiction and fantasy stories, now most people see them as the new 'in thing' and wouldn't dream of building a new home without integrating this fantastic new technology into its construction. The truth is you don’t need to leave a home that you have already invested in, just to avail yourself of all the benefits that a smart home can offer. For about the same monthly cost as your cell phone, you can convert your current residence into a Smart Home.

Vivint will supply:

  • Customized security system to fit your home and situation
  • Fully integrated Smart Home package professionally installed and serviced by Smart Home Pros
  • So, why not call Vivint today and let them show you how easy it can be to upgrade your Cary NC home, into the smart home of the future, today?

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