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Bring safety and comfort to your Carmel, Indiana home with the Vivint Sky platform

With over one million customers, Vivint is the leading smart home provider in North America. Once you have become acquainted with all the advantages that we bring to your life, we are more than confident you will choose us, too.

With a Vivint Smart Home System you get:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Heightened home security
  • Commercial-level fire protection
  • Top-of-the-line components
  • 24/7/365 control of your home ecosystem from anywhere in the world

The centerpiece to the Vivint system is the Vivint Sky platform—the central hub that takes your Carmel home and turns it into a true smart home. It is more than just a programmable system; it is a truly intelligent system that actually learns how you live and adjusts its own programming over time. Once your home is integrated into a single system, you get total control of your home environment from anywhere in the world through the Vivint Sky mobile app. The Vivint Sky app lets adjust your thermostat, monitor video feeds from your home, even lock and unlock doors from anyplace with a cell signal.

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Rest easy with a Vivint home security system

Carmel, Indiana is a nice and safe area. While this makes it an attractive place to live, it also makes it an attractive target area for the true professional thieves of the world. You know, the guys they write stories and make movies about. The secret to avoiding becoming a victim of these masters of their craft is to make your home as unattractive a target as possible and that means having the very best in security available, a Vivint Home Security and Alarm System.

Here is just a small sampling of the components Vivint will use:

  • Outdoor Camera: HD infrared security cameras with built-in motion sensors let you look after your home when you're away. They even provide on-demand access to 20-second video clips and send notifications to your phone if movement is detected.
  • Motion Detector:Using infrared technology, your Vivint motion detector features a 90-degree look-down, ensuring intruders cannot pass by unnoticed.
  • Smoke Detector:Vivint smoke detectors are not only supported by our award-winning 24x7x365 monitoring team but also uses photoelectric detection technology to sense increases in heat to detect possible combustion sources.
  • Door & Window Sensor:Door and Window sensors alert the monitoring station and inform you immediately when activated.

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Vivint is the most intelligent, smart home system in Carmel, Indiana

By now you have probably realized that when we say smart home system, we are not talking about simple programmable thermostats and your average alarm systems. Compared to today's Smart homes, these devices are positively primitive. Smart Homes today are truly intelligent, they have the ability to log and analyze past events, adapt to your routine, sense changes in the environment, no matter how crazy the weather may get and react appropriately. They can even recognize your verbal commands. It doesn't matter if the unit receives a command from your control panel, the Vivint Sky App, or with the addition of an Amazon Echo unit, delivered by voice. This is achieved by bringing all your home's devices together into a single connected ecosystem with the centralized control hub acting as your home's brain.

This gives you the ability to control thermostats, unlock doors, view cameras, and arm security from anywhere. The Vivint system allows for multiple users to all be on the same account, so the entire family can use the app to access your smart home controls. You can even create custom rules and notifications for each user, limiting access to who can alter what settings.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Carmel, Indiana is easier than ever

No two Carmel homes are exactly alike and because of that, there are no cookie-cutter solutions to your family's comfort and security. Each Smart Home System has to be custom and tailored to fit each individual home. You might think that this type of service would come with a hefty price tag and involve a complete remodel of your home, but that is just not the case. Vivint is dedicated to providing your family with the ultimate in comfort, security, and ease of living. So, they make upgrading your Carmel, Indiana home as risk and trouble free as possible.

When you sign up for a Vivint Smart home monthly service package you get:

  • Free professional installation done by Vivint Smart Home Pros

When you upgrade your Carmel, Indiana home with Vivint, you don't have to worry about a costly investment. More than likely your monthly fee will be less than the cost of your cell phone.

Vivint wants to make your life as simple and secure as humanly possible. Just give Vivint a call today and go about living your life in a much safer, convenient, cheaper, and more relaxed way.

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