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Do you ever wish that controlling the mundane tasks of operating a home could be a little easier? It's a feeling many of us have from time to time. Luckily Vivint Smart Home solves that problem, and it's easier than you might think. If you live in Carlsbad, New Mexico, a Vivint Smart Home can give you total home control and security right in the palm of your hand. The Vivint system is made of top-quality devices, not the cheap plastic stuff others provide. That means no wasted hours troubleshooting or making service calls if components don't work. Vivint Smart Home Pros service all equipment and system bugs because we built our system on the idea that smart homes should be hassle-free. Vivint Smart Home Pros home monitoring teams provide industry-leading response times. And the Vivint system lets you connect and control all of your home's devices through one app, Vivint Sky—the most downloaded and highest rated smart home app in The App Store. The entire idea behind a smart home is to make your life simple and Vivint Smart Home systems do just that.

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Carlsbad, New Mexico weather won’t ruin your day in a Vivint Smart Home

There is little doubt that Carlsbad is one of the most scenic places in the country to live. But you must admit, Mother Nature does make you pay for all that beauty by throwing some of the most outrageous weather at you that can be imagined. Triple digit summers and single digit winters can leave you with the choice of roasting, freezing or paying heartbreaking utility bills to keep your home at comfortable settings. But that's not a choice you should have to make.

If you install a Vivint Echo Thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat on your Vivint Smart Home System you can stay comfortable and save money at the same time. After a brief learning period, intelligent thermostats on the Vivint system learn your routines and automatically adjust your thermostat to save energy while you're away. Better still is that it will anticipate your return home and adjust your home temperature back to your preferred settings. Plus, when unexpected circumstances cause a break in your regular routine, it is nothing to override the automatic settings by using the Vivint Sky app from wherever you are. The Vivint Sky App gives you full control of your smart home system whether you are next door or halfway around the world.

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Vivint Is the Most Intelligent Smart Home and Home Security System in Carlsbad, New Mexico

So what does the term 'Smart Home' really mean? Homes have come with programmable features for decades now. But when we say 'Smart', we are not talking about simple programmable thermostats and security systems. Smart homes have moved way beyond these early devices.

Today's Smart Homes are truly intelligent. They have the ability to learn from past trends, adapt to your routines and, respond to changes in the environment with minimal extra input from you. A smart home gives you options for how you want to execute commands. In a Vivint Smart Home, you have the option of using the Vivint Sky Control panel, the Vivint Sky app, plus with the addition of an Amazon Echo you can add voice control. The Vivint Sky platform bundles all your home's connected devices together into a single communication ecosystem.

Vivint Smart Home gives you the ability to control thermostats, unlock doors, view cameras, and arm security devices from anywhere. And you can include multiple users on the same account, so the entire family can use the app to access your smart home controls. You can even create custom rules and notifications for each user, limiting access for kids or guests.

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Upgrading To a Vivint Smart Home in Carlsbad, New Mexico Is Easier Than Ever

Maybe you're expecting to hear how a few months of energy savings with a Vivint Smart Home will recoup the initial purchase price. That might be a thoughtful approach for some smart home providers. But for Vivint Smart Home customers that point is irrelevant. That's because upgrading your home to a Vivint Smart Home System gets you free installation from Smart Home Pros.

Home automation and security systems need to be tailored for each home and no system is better than the parts that are used in it or the quality of the installation work. The entire point of Vivint is making your life as simple as possible. You don't have to worry about having to rewire your home, going through a major retrofit to try and make third party components mix, match and actually work with your home's system. You just have to give Vivint a call and then go about living your life in a much safer, convenient, cheaper and more relaxed way.

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