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See Who's at Your Door — The Vivint Doorbell Camera

Protect your home and those you love with Vivint Smart Home tech that keeps you connected while providing the peace of mind you need.

Who's at your door? In the not-so-distant past, you had to open the door to answer that question. Now, with the elegant technology behind the Vivint doorbell camera, you can answer it as soon as your doorbell rings — without opening the door.

Think of the Vivint Doorbell Camera as Caller ID for your door. A 180-degree lens and night vision combine to let you see who's at your door at any time, day or night. And the best part? The person at the door will never know.

That's because the Vivint Doorbell Camera looks like, well, a doorbell. No one needs to know they're on camera. And thanks to its smart motion detector capability, you'll know even when the person is approaching or knocking. Or if they just leave a package and take off.

Want to talk to the person at the door? You can without opening it, thanks to built-in two-way talk. You don't even have to be home to have that conversation. The Vivint Smart Home app connects you to the person standing on your front porch using your smartphone from any location.

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A Smart Eye on Your Home

Keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are, when you install the Vivint outdoor camera. When it's integrated with your system and the Vivint Smart Home app, monitor your home from your smartphone at any time, from any location, by viewing real-time footage from your security cameras.

Crisp, HD resolution means you get clear images of your home. You can recognize a friend knocking on the door, identify a potential intruder, or spot the family cat. If you're not available when someone approaches your home, you have easy access to Vivint Smart Clips, which you can play and replay right from your smartphone.

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Keep Indoor Air Safe With the Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detector

Safety inside the home is just as important as safety outside your home. If your furnace, gas oven or gas water heater malfunctions, your indoor air can turn toxic and, in some cases, lethal — and it can happen quickly. With Vivint carbon monoxide detectors, you can monitor indoor air quality and feel confident that everyone in your home is safe.

If you're not home, you can get alerts sent right to your smartphone if your carbon monoxide detector is triggered, giving you time to get your loved ones out of the house if necessary. You can contact the gas company or the fire department while remaining safe, or Vivint's 24/7 monitoring and support can call first responders for you.

And with an electrochemical sensor and backup battery that last five years, you can count on your CO Detector to keep you safe well into the future. When the time rolls around to change the battery, don't worry about being awakened by those exasperating 4 a.m. beeps. Instead, your Smart Home app will notify you that it's time for a new battery. It's that easy.

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Peace of Mind With Vivint Smart Home Security

Vivint bundles your home security devices and links them with the Vivint Smart Home app while keeping you connected to our award-winning 24/7 customer monitoring and support. You can reach monitoring teams with the touch of a single button on your control panel with questions about your system or for assistance with an emergency. Connect to first responders at top speed when fire, smoke or carbon monoxide poses a threat to your loved ones and your home.

With Vivint's home monitoring, you don't have to be home to know that there's a problem. When the motion detectors inside your home trigger an alarm, you and Vivint's monitoring system receive a notification right away. And Vivint home professionals notify the police or emergency services immediately, shaving precious minutes off response times.

Whether you're concerned about a fire or a flood, a burglary or the threat of carbon monoxide wafting through your sleeping home, Vivint monitoring is here in Brantford, Ontario, ready to keep your home secure and your loved ones safe. Pairing the high-tech elements of your smart home system — the Vivint Doorbell Camera, the Vivint Outdoor Camera, and the Vivint CO Detector, among others — with the Smart Home app on your phone keeps you plugged in and connected to your home. You're always aware of everything happening at your home, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Contact us today to learn more about keeping your home safe, and enjoy true peace of mind with Vivint's monitoring support and home security system. Rest easy knowing someone’s always there to hear the alarm.

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