Smart Home Security FAQs

How to Bring Modern Conveniences to Your Older Home

Purchasing an older home to fix up is a great way to save money and add personalized touches, but older homes can sometimes be lacking in modern conveniences. Read on to discover how you can transform your older home into a fully-loaded smart home.

Millennials Are Buying Homes and They Want Them Smart

Go ahead and drop your preconceived notions about millennials. You may be surprised to learn that this forward-thinking generation looks to the future, saves money, and is making an impact in the world of real estate. Yes, they're buying homes, but on their terms.

Country Living and Smart Home Tech: They Fit

Living in the country has its perks, like privacy and plenty of room to spread out. But it also has unique challenges. With a smart home system, you can have the true peace of mind that you desire from country living.

How Do Smoke Detectors Work?

Learn what makes smoke detectors tick and what type of detectors to install for maximum protection for your home and family.

What Millennials Really Want in a Home

Millennial homebuyers make up the largest group of home buyers. So what do millennials buying homes really want, and where do they want to live?