Vivint Ping Camera: The Best Indoor Camera with Audio

Security cameras are a must for any home security system, letting you check on things inside your house when you’re not there. But what’s even better than that? A security camera that lets you see and hear what’s going on at home.

Indoor cameras with audio are beneficial to any home security system and offer a number of benefits over indoor cameras without audio. These include:

  • Additional security. Cameras with audio can give you additional context to what's happening by picking up specific voices, conversations, loud crashes, or breaking glass.
  • Monitor kids and pets. A nanny cam with audio is a popular choice for parents, allowing them to hear if their baby is crying. Pet owners can also hear if their pets are in distress while they’re away.
  • Get a more accurate picture of what’s going on. A soundless video only tells so much. When you add audio, you can get a better idea of what’s happening in your home.
  • Communicate via camera. Some cameras allow you to hear one-way audio, but two-way audio allows you to communicate with your family through the camera.
vivint ping camera on shelf
Keep an eye on your home 24/7 with a Vivint Ping Camera.

The best indoor security camera with two-way audio

If you're looking for an audio-enabled security camera, it pays to do some research first to find the best one. As you're comparison shopping, make sure you check out the Vivint Ping Camera.

The Ping camera goes beyond just two-way audio with features that not only help you keep an eye on your home and family, but communicate with them as well. Take a look:

  • Two-way talk. First and foremost, the Ping camera supports two-way audio with its built-in microphone and speaker. Using the Vivint Smart Home app on your smartphone, you can have a conversation with someone in your home from wherever you are.

  • View live and recorded HD video. Whether you're looking to see what's happening at your home at the moment, or want to see how that vase was actually broken, the Ping camera gives you a window into your home with live and recorded video.
  • Crystal-clear audio and video. A surveillance camera won’t do you much good if the images are grainy and the audio is filled with static. The Ping camera features a 155° wide-angle lens, HD resolution, and three high-powered LEDs so you can clearly see your room both day and night.
  • Motion-triggered notifications when movement is detected. The Ping camera doesn’t miss a thing thanks to Vivint Smart Clips. Whenever movement is detected in the room, the smart motion detection feature automatically starts recording a 20-second Smart Clip that you can review in real-time or at a later date. Either way, you can rest easy knowing your camera sees and documents what’s happening inside your home.
  • One-touch callout. This feature is especially useful for parents with kids who aren’t old enough for a cell phone yet. With the touch of a button, your loved ones can call out to you on your smartphone via the Ping camera.

Peace of mind and home protection with a Vivint Smart Home system

The Ping camera integrates seamlessly with the Vivint Smart Home system, providing complete security for your home and peace of mind for you.

Imagine this scenario—you're away from home when you get a notification on your phone that an alarm has been triggered. You log into your Vivint Smart Home app and view the Ping camera's live feed, where you see someone inside your home. The Vivint monitoring team (which monitors your home around the clock) calls you and offers to notify the police for you.

Thanks to the quick response from the monitoring team and the recorded video from your Ping camera, this story has a happy ending—the police are able to identify and catch the culprit. With a Vivint Smart Home system, you can take comfort in knowing your home and family are protected even if you aren't there.

“We live on a military installation. My husband is gone frequently for his job, leaving the kids and me home alone for roughly two weeks out of each month. Vivint is the only reason I sleep at night. It’s also doubled as a way for my husband to check in on us and feel included in our day to day activities. He can view the indoor cameras from anywhere and talk to us while we sit down for dinner. I am so impressed and in love with our home security system! ”
-Taylor Clark, Fort Hood, Texas

When it comes to indoor cameras with audio, the Vivint Ping Camera goes beyond surveillance, allowing you to see what's happening in your home in real-time and stay in touch with your family no matter where you are.

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