How Vivint is Tackling the Biggest Smart Home Problem

The idea of the smart home has been around for years. Whether it's portrayed in futuristic cartoons—think The Jetsons' home—or discussions by tech influencers, a smart home is typically thought to contain technology that integrates together to make life easier for the homeowner.

As advanced as modern technology may be and the availability of a wide array of smart devices, however, many connected homes still fall short of the vision of the smart home potential.

The smart home vision

A smart home is an ecosystem of smart devices that work together to automate and remotely control household systems.

It allows homeowners to control all aspects of their home—thermostats, lighting, surveillance cameras, appliances, for example—from virtually anywhere while cataloging and automating personal preferences. It’s the ultimate form of convenience and control.

Google Home and Nest Thermostats are two examples of integratable smart home products.

The problem with most smart homes today

Though the advent of a smart home is fairly recent, simple forms of home automation have been around for decades. But in reality, the industry as a whole still lacks cohesive smart home solutions.

There are plenty of smart devices that can be controlled remotely, but as Rich Jaroslovsky points out in his recent article in Observer, “What we don’t have is an agreed-upon standard for tying them together. So we're left with hundreds of smart devices that may function well on their own but cannot seamlessly integrate with other gadgets."

In practical terms, this means a smart lock won’t always work with a voice-activated speaker like a Google Home or with a doorbell camera. And even if the devices can be connected, each must be managed from a separate app, creating a disjointed experience for homeowners.

Unless you're a tech-savvy DIYer willing to work at configuring and connecting the devices, assembling a smart home piece by piece can be overwhelming and technically challenging. It’s a far cry from the promise of a connected home.

Everything works together with Vivint Smart Home

That’s why Vivint Smart Home stands out. Vivint Smart Home breaks the mold by offering a complete smart home solution that integrates devices into a unified system that can be controlled from anywhere using a single app or control panel.

According to Rich, who recently installed a Vivint Smart Home system, "The Vivint Smart Home platform combines 24-hour-a-day remote monitoring with a way to incorporate some of the devices I’ve already installed. Plus I can add new equipment and control everything with a colorful and easy-to-use interface that makes it a snap to group and automate functions.”

In a nutshell, Vivint Smart Homes pick up where other systems fall short in a number of different ways, including:

Smart device integration

The Vivint Smart Home system seamlessly integrates with many smart devices, including:

  • Nest Thermostat
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo
  • Philips Hue smart lighting
  • Kwikset smart locks
  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Doorbell cameras

Control wherever you are

You can control each aspect of your smart home whether you're at home or away.

At home, the Vivint Smart Hub acts as the central dashboard for your entire smart home. From the panel, you can control every aspect of your smart home. For example:

  • turn on the lights
  • adjust the thermostat
  • lock the front door
  • arm your security system

The smart hub also features a one-touch panic button that contacts Vivint's 24/7 customer monitoring and support representatives who help guide you through a potential crisis and contact emergency services for you if needed.

While the technology behind the smart hub is advanced, it's "easy for even non-techie family members to understand and use," says Rich.

Even better? When you're on the go, you're still connected to your home via the Vivint Smart Home app. Use the app to check your camera feeds, lock or unlock your front door, arm your security system, adjust the thermostat, or speak to your family members through devices like the doorbell camera and indoor camera that feature two-way talk.

Lock your door, turn off the lights, and set the thermostat, all from the Vivint Smart Home app.

Putting the pieces together

You don't have to be tech-savvy or a DIYer to ensure your smart home system works together. We remove the guesswork and frustration by professionally installing every Vivint Smart Home system, ensuring all components work together.

Once your system is installed and all components are working together seamlessly, your technician will teach you how to use your smart home and demonstrate how everything works together.

But the support doesn't end there. Whether you have a question, need to troubleshoot, or have an emergency, remember that Vivint's 24/7 support and monitoring team is there whenever you need them.

The takeaway? Vivint's got your back. With an impressive offering of smart devices and seamless integration that enables everything to fluidly work together, the Vivint Smart Home system is leading the charge in tackling and finding solutions to some of the smart home's biggest issues.

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