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“The peace of mind is more than we could imagine.”
– Cobi, Utah

Looking out. So nothing gets in.

Add an extra layer of protection to vulnerable spots throughout your home with smart sensors. If windows or doors are breached while your system is armed, you’ll receive an alert through hub and the Vivint Smart Home app. Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring will also be alerted and our professionals can assist in an emergency situation.

Keeping home comfortable—and secure.

Consider motion sensors your favorite new layer of protection and comfort. When your system is armed and you’re away, any unexpected movement will sound an alarm, notifying our 24/7 monitoring center to ensure the safety and security of your home. When you’re at home, our motion sensors communicate with your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature and keep you and your family comfortable.

Worrying about home security—out the window.

Vivint’s Glass Break Detectors combined with our 24/7 monitoring mean if a window is broken, you’ll know and so will we. So leave the house or go to bed at night with confidence—we’re always there to hear the alarm and help keep you and your home safe.

A direct line to help.

What happens if you’re at home and something triggers a security sensor? Don’t worry—with Vivint you’ve got 24/7 backup. The system will immediately alert Vivint monitoring professionals who will contact you through your Smart Hub. Our team will help assess the situation and contact emergency services if needed.

Part of a complete system

"Unprecedented control of your entire house” - TechRadar

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Professional Installation

Get professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Professional Installation

Get professional installation from Smart Home Pros

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