Over the past 14 years, Vivint has expanded nationwide throughout the U.S. and Canada. A company as big as that comes with big finances, and the Vivint Finance team turns those numbers into actions. We’re here to help Vivint’s leadership maximize shareholder value and keep processes like taxes, SOX, payroll, and reporting all running smoothly. But our job is so much more than crunching numbers. We’re here not just to keep the money in order but to develop business strategies that will put Vivint on the map. Be part of a Finance team that supports one of the fastest growing tech companies out there.

“I am able to move past the boundaries of traditional audits to address business risk and process performance from a control perspective. It’s a value add for Vivint as well as fun and challenging for me.”

Scott | Internal Audit Director

“I love my job in finance at Vivint because of the ever-changing environment and the opportunity to make a difference. My department interfaces with many areas of the company, which gives me a broad understanding of the business.”

Chance | Payroll Manager

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